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External Fixation

Orthotic / Bracing
We have been working in close conjunction with Walk a Mile centre for Advanced Orthopaedics. 
In order to facilitate the patients with their rehabilitation and ADL’S we have designed a range of assistive devices.
Ex-Gaitor Track

The Ex-Gaitor track was specifically designed for patients with external fixation, incorporating the foot. The Ex-Gaitor track presents with the following characteristics;
-Compatible with wide variety of fixator frames
-Low profile of 3.5cm allowing for normal foot wear on contra lateral side
-Offers adjustable plantar pressure on foot dorsum (pneumatic)
-Accommodate frame angulations in all three planes
-Adjustable attachment points
-Height adjustable to accommodate LLD and angulations
-Removable foot interface for easy hygiene
-Easy donning and doffing

Ex-Gaitor Lite

-Application with Tib-Fib fixator both ring and uni-fixation
-Offers active dorsiflexion of foot
-Patient can plantar flex with resistance
-Improves gait by offering active dorsiflexion
-Removable inserts for LLD
-Interchangeable tongue and reversible straps
-Lite weight
-Trigger hook for easy application
-Improved post-operative posture reducing pain


Available EX-Gaitor Track and Ex-Gaitor Lite
Disposable cover
-Immediate post-operative fitting
-Water resistant
-Can be autoclaved
-Velcro for easy donning and doffing
-Cost effective

Post-acute phase Cover
-Wide variety of patterns and fabrics
-Track and Lite cover
-More hygienic
-More cosmetically appealing

Please Note that the product specifications may very from the products listed on the page. Please contact us for any quiries.

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