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Compression Therapy

Orthotic / Bracing
TED anti-embolism stockings

T.E.D.™ anti-embolism stockings are the only stockings clinically proven in physician reviewed, published studies on over 20,000 hospital patients to help reduce the risk of developing DVT†

• To help prevent formation of Deep Vein Thrombosis.
• To promote increased blood flow velocity in the legs by compression of the deep venous system.
SIGVARIS Solutions

For more than five decades SIGVARIS® has been committed to developing and distributing premium quality products which provide a new life for the legs of people suffering from the various forms of chronic venous disease.

The needs of people with venous disorders are very different and their requirements change over time and with varying life styles or conditions. SIGVARIS designs a range of medical compression therapy solutions in response to those different needs. Whether the patient is looking for a stylish sock for managing chronic venous insufficiency or is seeking an effective solution for preventing swelling due to lymphedema, the patient can always rely on the SIGVARIS promise of superior fit, excellent wearing comfort and proven efficacy.

SIGVARIS compression therapy solutions are classified in different models: socks, stockings, pantyhose, (with closed or open toe), armsleeves, mitten; made of different textures: micro or natural fibers for best comfort, and available in different styles and colours to match your life style and fashion trends.

SIGVARIS products are sold in pharmacies, orthopedic stores, some hospitals, and other specialized stores or dealers. Most SIGVARIS medical compression products are delivered with a doctor's prescription only.

Depending on the country or area of the world, the SIGVARIS range of products is different to reflect the specificities of each market. To find out about the SIGVARIS product offerings and customer service in your country, please visit your SIGVARIS country website below, or contact the official SIGVARIS distributor in your country:

TRADITIONAL - The original
When a high degree of safety and effectiveness is required.
Maximum pressure stability throughout the day
Excellent strength-stretch ratio
Great medical benefits for safe and successful treatment
High wearing comfort thanks to special elasticity and good air permeability
With refined natural rubber

When it comes down to high medical efficacy, TRADITIONAL is the reliable classic. Day after day, this product gives your legs a secure feeling, ensuring top-quality medical compression. As TRADITIONAL stockings are particularly elastic and breathable, they are extremely comfortable to wear. The neutral skin colour matches all clothing and combines perfectly with delicate stockings.

Mediven Plus

Product: mediven plus | Beige | I | 20-30 mmHg | Calf | Closed
Description: A mainstay of medi for over 25 years,mediven plus offers the broadest range of ready-made sizes and styles available today. This opaque stocking is pleasantly soft against the skin. Due to its highly resistant stretch properties, mediven plus is specifically intended for the treatment of moderately severe to severe venous disease. To ensure wearing comfort, mediven plus incorporates the same Clima Fresh and Clima-Comfort technology found in mediven comfort. Also available in custom-made.

Mediven Ulcer Kit

Product: medven ulcer kit I | Standard
Description: Designed specifically for ulcer patients who require mobility, mediven ulcer kit allows patients to manage their own care under doctors supervision. Comprised of a silver mediven ulcer liner and a mediven ulcer plus stocking, mediven ulcer kit gives 24-hour compression therapy to patients who need it most. Mediven ulcer kit is antibacterial and antimycotic.

Mediven Forte

mediven® forte Beige | III | 30-40 mmHg | Calf | Open

Circular knit, ready-to-wear or custom-made. Robust circular knit material for severe venous and mild lymphedema. Anti-bacterial properties provide all-day freshness.

•Durable material for all demanding conditions and environments
•Works well with venous patients that need strong support and working pressure
•Discreet material in a seamless, two-way stretch

Upper Extremity Compression

Product: 95 CCL I Arm Sleeve and Gauntlet w/ Top Band | II | Standard
We provide a wide variety of upper extremity compression garments from class I to Class III.
Indications vary from insufficient vascular flow to lymphedema
Please Note that the product specifications may very from the products listed on the page. Please contact us for any quiries.

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