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Genium bionic knee is seen as the most sophisticated microprocessor driven bionic knee to date and has been in development for almost a decade. 

The decision to test the device came when a local train driver, Gert Kotze was referred to Icexpress after losing his leg in a Metrorail train crash that took place in Pretoria. Kotze joined the rail industry in 1977 and has received several awards related to train safety during his 36 year career. “The Genium knee gives Gert the ability to regain his mobility, independence and zest for life after the tragic accident. At Icexpress we strive to assess and treat each individual case on its own merit. In this case, the Genium knee from Ottobock presents us with the best opportunity to ensure maximum outcome in spite of what happened,” explains Johan Snyders, chief executive of Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics.

There are various features of The Genium that make it unique:  
  • Power lasts up to four days
  • Magnitic Charging (which makes it more water resistant)
  • Additional sensors 
  • Gyroscope in the knee was added to allow the device to measure ‘where it is’ at all times. Gyroscope allows the user to walk backwards, step over obstacles, take small- or large steps, and even descend stairs without fear of the knee buckling. Whatever the activity, Genium is designed for stability regardless of whether the knee is extended or not. It offers five alternating modes that can be programmed for various activities including table tennis, skating, skiing and cycling.

Rheo Knee is seen as the first artificially intelligent knee system with the ability to learn and adapt to its users movements. This resulted in continued improvement and optimized performance. The knee reads the user’s position and activity then adjusts for the optimal degree of stability and performance while walking and standing.

Offering an unmatched level of mobility and stability, its powered ankle motion, intelligent terrain adaptation, and natural function makes the Proprio Foot the most life-like prosthetic foot available. It is ideal for trans-tibial users that want a device that offers fantastic physiological benefits while functioning as close to a natural human foot as possible.
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