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Portable Telescoping Wheelchair Ramp

Telescoping to 2M
20 cm width
200Kg Weight Capacity/Set

Star Starlock Aircell Cushion

This uniquely patented air-lock mechanism allows the user improved positioning as well as temporary protection from pressure sore development in case of damage to the cushion

Invacare Infinity Gel Cushion
Lightweight low maintenance product for pressure relief.

Firm foam base with gel pad at rear of cushion.
Includes a cover.

Utilises gel, memory foam and latex foam to provide a lightweight durable cushion for those at high risk of skin breakdown. The Adjustable Pelvic Obliquity (APO) increases stability and positioning

Jay2 Gel Cushion
Consists of 3 layers that provide a stable base of support for the pelvis.

Top layer is a gel laminate that provides flow and comfort to bony prominence.

Patient Hoist

Electric or hydraulic
Complete with sling and chain set.
Patient can be lifted gently from a bed onto a wheelchair or into a chair.
Not suitable for bathrooms.
U-base adjustable from 48cm to 107cm.
Mast height adjusts from 81cm to 2m.
Lifting weight capacity 150kg. Overall Length 112cm
Weight 45kg
Chrome four swivel castors with step brakes on rear castors

Monkey Chain
SMA-11100 Top bar (includes clamps, chains and triangle)

Very easy to attach to the head rail of hospital bed.
Overall height 64" (163 cm)
Mounting clamps from 3/4" to 3" (2 cm to 7.6 cm)
Reach 36" (91 cm)

This ideal product is for patients who need assistance in getting up and laying down in bed.

No tools required for installation
Top bar and base sold separately
SMA-11101 Trapeze base Height 38-1/4" (97 cm)
Length 40-1/4" (102cm). Width 30" (76 cm)
Free standing for supporting top bar.

Ripple Mattress

Single bed only.
PVC mattress with pump (for home use)
Mattress's continuous alternating motion decreases the need to turn patients very often, thus preventing pressure sores.
Can be kept running for 24h.

Memory Foam Range

Unique memory foam is used to mould the users’ body to the cushion reducing points of pressure. Temperature dependent and must be warmed by the patient’s body T° before beneficial properties can be felt. Posture Pillows, Lumbar supports and overlay mattresses available in memory foam. Used to reduce restlessness during sleep and provide correct spinal positioning to reduce joint pains caused from sport and incorrect posture.

Invacare Absolute Cushion

The Absolute Cushion offers stability and comfort at an affordable price.

The moulded polyurethane construction is an effective solution for simple seating needs. Moulded polyurethane foam provides comfort and durability

Non-slip bottom with hook and loop fasteners keeps cushion securely in place Waterproof cover protects foam from moisture

Seat Width: 16", 18", 20"
Seat Depth: 16", 18"
Thickness: 2.25"
Product Weight: Approx. 2 lbs.
Product Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Invacare Comfort-Mate Extra Cushion

The Invacare Comfort-Mate Extra cushion is anatomically designed to provide long-term sitting comfort and promote correct seating posture.

2-year limited warranty
Bevelled sides allow cushion to be easily used with a drop base Dual-firmness moulded polyurethane foam with a waterproof coating that seals the foam to protect against moisture. Improved contouring promotes good postural position while being a lower profile, lighter weight cushion. 
SoFleece - Waterproof outer cover with a non-slip bottom

Seat Width: 14" - 22"
Seat Depth: 14" - 20"
Thickness: 2.25"
Product Weight: Approx. 2.3 lbs.
Product Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

125MM Ripple Mattress

For home or hospital use.
Heavy duty pump with 125mm canvas single bed mattress for bed-ridden patients.
Cells alternate continuously for 24 hours, decreasing the danger of pressure sores.
Individual cells can be replaced.

Combination Egg-Box Chip Foam

1. Chip foam cushion with cut-out
2. Eggbox cushion
3. Standard fitted cushion cover and waterproof cushion cover

Please Note that the product specifications may very from the products listed on the page. Please contact us for any quiries.

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